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The infamous Busby Stoop Chair

Thomas Busby, coiner and drunkard, murdered his father-in-law Daniel Auty in 1702. He was arrested, tried and condemned to death by hanging.

After his execution, his corpse was suspended in chains from a gibbet erected at the lonely crossroads where the Busby Stoop Inn stood for many years before closing in 2012. The inn took its name from the post or stoop on which his remains could be seen.

The place was said to be haunted by his ghost, and a chair at the inn gained a sinister reputation. Wartime bomber pilots thought it unlucky to sit there, and in the 1970s some fatal accidents were linked with the chair. In 1978 the landlord asked for the chair to be removed to the Museum, and hung out of harm’s way.

The Busby Stoop Chair has not been sat on since.

Busby Stoop Chair